Frequently Ask Questions

If you’ve ever dealt with a large gutter company, you know how frustrating it can be to get straight-answers, quick response, and reliable pricing. As a locally-owned and operated company, Never Clog Gutters is the solution to all of those problems. We’re focused locally to deliver our neighbors the highest-quality services. We’re not in the business of cutting corners or price gouging.

You can think of gutter covers like filters for your gutters. Without a guard to offer protection, gutters fill up with leaves, dirt, sticks, and any other debris that might be sitting on your roof or falling from surrounding trees. This build-up prevents water from flowing freely through your drainage system and can cause overflow and flooding problems. Gutter guards help prevent these issues by only allowing water to flow into your gutters without any obstructions.

At Never Clog Gutters, we price our gutter guards by linear foot in addition to a few factors that vary by house. Our pricing is 100% up-front, transparent, and honest. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paying before we start the project. There aren’t any hidden fees or additional charges in our pricing that seem to mysteriously arise with other providers.

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