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Your Entire Home

Providing the Best Gutter Protection and Filter Services in the Greater Chicagoland Area, Northwest Suburbs, Southwest Wisconsin, and Northwest Indiana.

From roof to foundation, the damage caused by clogged gutters can be devastating for your home. With Never Clog Gutters, you are protected forever.

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With Never Clog Gutters, You Are Protected Forever.

Gutter protection shouldn’t be complicated. Unfortunately, many well-established gutter contractors throughout the northwest suburbs will employ a salesperson to act as the middle-man between you and the actual decision-maker. This results in a lot of wasted time and frustrating back-and-forth. Not on Never Clog Gutter’s watch! 


Our highly respected, trustworthy, honest team always strives to provide customers with transparent, high-quality service.

Gutter Guards

If you’re looking for an affordable and simple way to protect your gutters from debris while reducing the time you have to spend cleaning them, our gutter guards are the best choice.

One of our highly trained and licensed evaluators will assess your property and provide an accurate quote. After getting the go-ahead from you, our team of experts will install your gutter covers quickly and efficiently.

Gutter Cleaning

As a homeowner, you probably don’t have the expertise, equipment, or the time to keep your gutters clear. That’s where our gutter cleaning services come in handy.

Whether you’re preparing for an installation of our gutter guards or you just want your drainage system cleared before the changing of the seasons, our professional team will provide a comprehensive cleaning and any gutter repair services that might be required.


Checkout some of our videos from our recent work.

Wind Will Naturally Blow Leaves Off Gutters

Easy X-mas Light Clip Installation


Never Clog Gutters was founded as a solution for the average homeowners who want to keep their homes in working order without having to dip into their life savings only to receive mediocre work.

We cut out the middleman

We hate shady sales techniques just as much as you do. That’s why you’ll always be working with the decision-maker, not an in-between salesperson. After all, when you have a quality product that speaks for itself, what’s the sense in hiding behind a middleman? As the northwest suburbs’ trusted leader, Never Clog Gutter Protection gets you the results you’ve been looking for.

We only use the highest-quality materials.

Our tried-and-tested products are made with professional-grade, micro-mesh, and rust-free aluminum material. We stand by our product so much, we offer a lifetime warranty for all customers because we believe in our product and services. 

Our prices are fair and affordable.

At Never Clog Gutters, we’re always trying our utmost to remain as transparent and honest as possible. That’s why we provide every customer with a single, realistic quote based on the complexity of the installation. We don’t employ any “gotcha” sales techniques or “price-drop” shenanigans. Our estimates are accurate and final.

You’ll get a sneak-peak at the final product.

Before we move to finalize the installation, you’ll receive HD footage and pictures of the finished product so you can see the high quality with your own eyes instead of just taking our word for it.

Gutter Cleaning

As a homeowner, you probably don’t have the expertise, equipment, or the time to keep your gutters clear. That’s where our gutter cleaning services come in handy.

Why I should choose Never Clog Gutters?

If you’ve ever dealt with a large gutter company, you know how frustrating it can be to get straight answers, a quick response, and reliable pricing. As a locally-owned and operated company, Never Clog Gutters is the solution to all of those problems. We’re focused locally to deliver the highest-quality services to our neighbors throughout the Chicagoland area. We’re not in the business of cutting corners or price gouging.

How do gutter guards work?

You can think of gutter covers like filters for your gutters. Without a guard to offer protection, gutters fill up with leaves, dirt, sticks, and any other debris that might be sitting on your roof or falling from surrounding trees. This build-up prevents water from flowing freely through your drainage system and can cause overflow and flooding problems. Gutter guards help prevent these issues by only allowing water to flow into your gutters without any obstructions.

How much do gutter guards cost?

At Never Clog Gutters, we price our gutter guards by linear foot in addition to a few factors that vary by house. Our pricing is 100% up-front, transparent, and honest. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll be paying before we start the project. There aren’t any hidden fees or additional charges in our pricing that seem to mysteriously arise with other providers.